Champagne Marteaux

Their vineyard is located on the right bank of the Marne and is comprised of thirty plots, extending over 5 communes in the Marne Valley. It includes several types of soil which allows for vinification by plots, an advantage when preparing blends. Production is executed under the principles of sustainable culture. They use organic fertilizer to protect against disease and position grass strips between rows of vines to limit erosion.

After picking, the grapes are taken to the family wine press where vinification is done in temperature regulated, stainless steel vats. The champagne is then bottled and deposited in their cellars, where it sits for years before sale. It is from this combination of differing plots, soils and grape varieties that “Les Champagnes Olivier Et Laetitia Marteaux” is born.


It all began in the 1950’s when the culture of the vine was developing robustly in the Champagne region. Marcel Marteaux became a wine maker and developed a vine nursery in order to produce both his own vines and those of other winemakers in the region. Joel Marteaux, his son, extended the vineyard and developed the commercial side by creating the brand “Champagne Marteaux Guyard”

In 1996 Champagne Marteaux built a pressing center in order bring in house this key step in champagne preparation. In 1998, following studies of viticulture and genealogy, Olivier Marteaux, son of Joel Marteaux and the current owner, implemented and developed in house vinification. Thus Champagne Marteaux has become both a harvester and producer.