Champagne Marteaux

The vineyard is located on the right bank of the Marne and is comprised of roughly thirty plots extending over 5 communes in the Marne Valley. Operated according to the principles of sustainable culture, they position grass strips between the rows of vines in order to limit erosion and use organic fertilizers.

After hand picking, our grapes are taken to the family wine press and the vilification takes place in stainless steel, temperature regulated vats. The vineyard extends over several types of soil and enables them to prepare vinification by plots, an advantage when producing blends. After bottling, the champagne rests for years in their cellars before sale.

From this combination of different plots, different soil and different grape varieties is born “Les Champagnes Olivier et Laetitia Marteaux”

It all began in the 1950’s when the culture of wine was developing in the Champagne region. At this time, Marcel Marteaux became a winemaker while also developing a vine nursery business to produce the vines for his vineyard as well as those of other winemakers in the region. His son, Joel, Marteaux continued to extend the vineyard and started a commercial side by creating the brand “Champagne Marteaux Guyard”.

In 1996, it was decided to build a pressing center in order to master this key step in preparation of champagne. It as in 1998, following studies of viticulture and genealogy, that Olivier Marteaux, the son of Joel and current owner, implemented and developed vilification and thus the operation became both a harvester and producer.